Auto Insurance

When driving vehicle, there is definitely risk. The risks are such as hit by other cars, parked in tall buildings, until a fatal accident due to poor adherence to traffic signs. Fortunately, the material loss can be minimized by including your vehicle in auto insurance way. You personally can register with personal accident insurance. Almost all brands of cars can be covered by insurance. Many cars circulating on the streets should also be followed by the level of public awareness of the importance of insurance, particularly auto insurance. Public awareness of auto insurance is very important. It is because the risk level for a road accident in our country is still quite high. Besides, protecting your car insurance certainly minimize the risk of infinite expenditures that result, for example, a collision on the motorway. Of course there are more factors that influence consumers to buy more vehicles. With the number of private vehicles that accumulate in the way, the consequence is traffic jump everywhere.

We should aware that insurance for a used car is as important as insurance for a new car. There is no difference. We should face a huge risk when using cars that are not covered by insurance. Therefore, you have to try finding out about the products offered by the car insurance company. If you have more detail questions, you will get to know the difference superiority of one company to another. The more knowledge about auto insurance products is better for the protection given to your vehicle. By protecting car with insurance, we as owners of private vehicles definitely have a sense of calm and secure wherever traveling.

Once you decide to join auto insurance, there are several factors that should be considered in the process of selecting an insurance company included in selecting products. Things to keep in mind in choosing a private insurance company are some things that must be considered generally. Read more detail below. The financial strength of insurance related to the company’s financial ability to fulfill its promise is the first consideration. It is important to know, because not a few insurance companies are looking at the flashy exterior. However, when there are claims from customers, the company is unable to pay. Assessing this financial strength are some benchmarks that need to be considered. Assets and liabilities can be seen from the consolidated balance sheet published in the newspaper. See also, whether the auto insurance is for current investment or long term. The terms of liability (ability to pay off liabilities) will be reflected in the balance sheet, how the debts by reinsurers, how he fulfilled his obligation to pay claims, and etc. Indicators of net liabilities include equity (own capital) divided net premiums of at least 50%. The balance sheet and the annual report can be indicator that the insurance is still a profit, or profit growth. It means that the policy is nice. Recognize also that the insurance has personnel qualified or not. It is known from the profile companies that includes the underwriters.

Service for auto insurance is a reflection of the extent qualified human resources in the company. Moreover, insurance companies are selling a service, so excellent service is the key. For example is the speed of service in both the policy issue especially in the payment of compensation and claim. Moreover, the matter of service can actually be felt by the customer. It can be indicator whether the insurance company has truly provided the best service for its customers. In this connection, it should also be questioned whether the insurance company’s reinsurance class safety. It can be seen from its annual report. It is important to note, because if the company is not backed-up by reinsurance, the company is likely to be speculative in receiving the premiums.

The problem is how much the costs incurred by insurance companies in operation. If it is greater than the cost of income, then obviously the company is not efficient. If it is not efficient, you will end up in losing money. If you continually lose money, certainly it is not good for you. In this connection, you can also see the price of premiums. Compare the price of insurance premiums with other insurance where the quality is really good. In this case, also note the performance of the company within the last two or three years. How big profits every year, how many gross of premiums they receive each year, how much additional capital and assets every year are important point that you should know. Besides, it important is to know the company’s management behavior over the years. It is about company management for broken promise or knowing whether this company experienced management defaults. Therefore, do not be afraid to join auto insurance. There are many benefits that you can get. Besides, your vehicle will also be guaranteed.

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